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The success of SecurEcom lies in the specialized, diversified and recognized skills of highly qualified and experienced people… who are a pleasure to work with.

We are proud to offer our customers renowned experts who have made their mark within major firms in IT or other fields, working on large projects of international scope. When it comes to information security and technology, our professionals stand out for their vision and for their high level of risk management experience. Their knowledge of technology and cutting-edge practices ensure the latest advances are put to contribution. They are familiar with recognized approaches and possess undeniable skill: they easily adapt to any environment and make sure their proposals are user-friendly.

The SecurEcom team knows how to navigate troubled waters: complex environments, compliance with evolving laws and standards, explosion of new technologies, growing volume of data… our specialists have the capacity and vision to guide you safely to your destination.

  • Accurate understanding of your security needs and business objectives

  • Definition of your strategic priorities

  • Judicious selection of technologies

  • Highly professional support and decision-making assistance on strategic, tactical and operational front



Alain Scherrer, Eng. President

Alain Scherrer has over 28 years’ experience, including 21 years providing consulting services in the field of technology and business management strategy. More specifically, he is a recognized expert in information security, risk management, and optimization of business solutions.

He began his career in 1988 at Teleglobe (now Tata Communications) in the sectors of engineering, systems integration, technology infrastructure and security. In 1995, he continued his professional development at LGS as an advisor in technology, e-commerce and security. Five years later, he became director of the Security and Technology Audit practice at Ernst & Young. 

In October 2000, he founded SecurEcom Consulting Services in response to an urgent need that emerged from new technologies rapidly transforming the market: to master the convergence of telecommunications and information technology (IT), while ensuring a secure structure and controls for managing the risks. Today, SecurEcom employs about fifteen IT and information security specialists.

Alain Scherrer has an in-depth knowledge of technology and understands the political and cultural issues underlying business challenges. His commitment goes well beyond producing deliverables. Throughout his mandates, he works closely with business managers to support and guide them in developing operational management and optimization strategies, governance programs, recovery plans, and continuous security improvement mechanisms.

Driven by a genuine concern for his clients’ success, he directs SecurEcom specialists in critical mandates that require the realization of architectures containing new adapted structures, development of tools and methods, integration of complex technology, and project management within stringent frameworks. With his extensive experience, Alain Scherrer brings a broader vision to desired orientations and planning needs. 

Key areas of expertise

  • Advising to Chief Information Security Officers
  • Strategic security orientations
  • Compliance programs
  • Security programs
  • Security and risk management
  • Security and project management
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • E-commerce and security
  • Telecommunications architecture and management
  • Network and security architecture, Web architecture